How to massage body for better results??

aymAyurveda massage is a type of practice or treatment that is also called as Abhyanga or ayurveda panchakarma. This massage is very much helpful in normalising the blood flow and body activities. People who have weak body or not able to do exercise usually undergo ayurveda massages. Regular message helps to cure diseases.

Some important benefits that are  closely associated with daily practice of ayurvedic massage are:

  1. Increased blood circulation
  2. Toning the muscles and whole physiology
  3. Calming for the nerves
  4. Better sleep
  5. Increase stamina
  6. Increased mental power
  7. Lubrication for joints

ela kizhi 

Ayurvedic massage is an important practice in India’s daily life. It helps in balancing the body and mind. Ayurvedic massage is blended with warm oils and herbs. Massage stroke, oils and method is selected based on the body condition. In India, Kerala Ayurveda resorts and Ayurveda hospitals are famous for these massages.

aymasgAyurveda panchakarma treatments are traditionally peformed in the morning, before bath to facilitate the release of toxins that may have accumulated during previous night.   Ayurveda kerala methods are well known for the richness of herbal oils used for massaging.  Ayurveda massage therapy is selected for each person based on the body type. According to Ayurveda, human body is made up of vata, pitta and kapha.


Oil massage is the most common massage in Ayurveda. The oil is selected on the basis of climatic conditions and personal constitution. Sesame oil is good for all climatic conditions, mustard and olive oils for winter time. Coconut oil and sunflower oil best suited for hot climate.

People with vata type of body should undergo warm oil massage and those with pitta type of body should undergo cool oil treatments and the kapha type body should use dry massages.

aymassThe flow of body massage can be in both upward or down ward direction. When you receive massage from somebody, the massage usually start from leg to head whereas in self massage, one can start the massage from head to leg. The first step of oil massage is to put oil on the portion that is going to be massaged. Then massage the portion with palms gently for few minutes so that the oil get penetrates through the skin. It is preferred to undergo massage with an empty stomach. The best time for massaging is morning or evening. It is advised to avoid oil massages when there is fever or too much mucus on your body.


Major benefit of body massage is that it stimulates internal functions of the body and provides nourishments to various body tissues. Body massage is a good cleanser that removes toxins from the body. It also stimulates enzymes and nourishes the weak nerves and makes glowing skin. To know more about ayurveda panchakarma treatments, visit


Ayurveda treatments for better living:

Ayurveda is one of the oldest whole body healing system. It is originated thousands of years ago in India. Ayurveda believes that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit.  Ayurveda treatments focus on promoting health and immunity. Ayurveda theory states that everything in the universe –living or non living, is connected. A person can achieve good health, when your body, mind and spirit are in harmony with the universe.  Any interference for this harmony may lead to poor health and sickness.

Some factors that can cause a disruption include:

  1. Genetic defects
  2. Injuries
  3. Climate and seasonal changes
  4. Emotions
  5. age

Ayurveda treatments include various techniques that relives from stress and strain of body. Ayurveda panchakarma, prakruthi chikilsa etc are some important treatments. In India, Kerala Ayurveda treatment is well known. Kerala is the land of spices and various rare species of medicinal plants. The basic concept behind ayurveda is that the human body is made up of three doshas namely vatha, pitha and kapha.

Ayurvedic treatments are not meant to suppress the disease, but it thrives to find the root cause of the disease and to wipe out from the body. There are four main classifications of disease in Ayurveda. They are : shodhan (cleansing),shaman(palliation), rasayana (rejuvenation) and satvajaya(mental hygiene). These treatments mainly comprises of powders, tablets, decoctions, medicated oils etc., prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals.

Ayurveda Kerala India is well known for the effective utilization of its natural herbs for curing chronic diseases that modern medicine failed to cure. Most of the kerala ayurveda resorts provide the facility to experience the magical healing power of ayurveda to their customers. Some important ayurveda treatments are

  1. Dhaanya kizhi :ayurveda kerala

In this treatment, body is fomented with a bundle containing cereals, horse gram, black gram etc in semi powdered form. This treatment is effective in reducing pain and inflammation in the joints, neck and lower back.

  1. Gala vasthi;kerala ayurveda

 A circular receptacle made out of black gram dough is fixed on the back of neck (cervical area). Luke warm medicated oil is slowly poured into it. This treatment is effective for body pain, stiffness, osteo arthritis and spine injuries.

  1. Ela kizhi:ela kizhi

A bundle made up of cotton cloth with lemon and herbal plants inside is used for massaging the body. This helps to get relief from neck and back and joint pain.

  1. Nasyam:nasyam

Theraputic administration of medicated oils through nostrils is called nasysm. This kind of treatment is used to treat sinusitis, migraine etc.

  1. Njavara kizhi:njavara

 The fomentation of body with boluses specially cooked rice and milk. This treatment is used for arthritis, back pain, paralysis treatment etc.

  1. Siro vasthi:siro vasthi

 Luke warm herbal oil is poured into an open cap fitted on the head. This procedure is good for facial palsy, mouth, throat and nostril diseases and Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Thakra dhara:siro dhara

Medicated butted milk is poured on the forehead. This procedure is used for psoriasis,insomnia and stress.

  1. Tarpanamtarpanam

 Medicated extracts and ghee are retained around eyes within a border made of dough. This treatment strengthens optical nerves, prevents cataract and gives a cooling effect to eyes.To know more about ayurvedic treatments, visit

Why ayurveda treatments more effective than modern medicine??


Allopathy is a western medical system that is commonly spread all over the world. The term allopathy derived from the greek words, allelo and pathy meaning ‘mutual harm’ or ‘suffering’. Allopathy is a drug oriented methodology. The treatments in allopathy are based on hypothesis, experimentation and outcome of the experiment. In this type of treatment, doctors treat a disease based on symptoms only. Allopathy treatments are used to get immediate relief from disease conditions. Allpoathy medicines include the use of antibiotics that harm the immune system of the body and can result in side effects. In allopathy, the treatment is given for a disease, not for the patient. i.e., there should be a common set of pills for a particular type of disease despite of the patient’s body conditions.

Ayurveda panchakarma, kizhi, nasyam, and meditations are the common ayurveda treatments. These treatments help to energize the body and mind.


Ayurveda is a traditional medical practice in India. In ayurveda, the diseases are treated using herbal medicines. Ayurveda treatments are world famous for its effectiveness in curing chronic diseases that the modern medicines failed to cure.

Ayurvedic medicines are preventive as well as curative in nature. Ayurvedic medicines can heal the person permanently and effectively by treating the disease. Allopathic medicines are meant for providing an instant relief from the diseases but it cannot ensure the permanent cure of the disease.

Ayurvedic medicines are relatively cheaper, since they are produced from natural herbs. Also these natural medicines neither harm the body nor create any side effects.

Since the ayurvedic products are purely natural, it does not pollute the environment. Ayurveda treatments mainly focus on the root cause of the problem, whereas the allopathic medicines are based on the symptoms of the disease. Allopathic medicines give temporary solutions for the diseases. Another important difference between allopathy and ayurveda is the time that they take to react in the body. Allopathic medicines give quick results, even though the solution may be temporary relief. But the ayurvedic medicines take much time to cure disease and the result should be permanent.

Ayurvedic medicines are good supporters of immune system whereas the allopathic medicines create adverse effect on the immune system of human body.

Ayurveda Kerala India is the most famous place for ayurveda treatments. Since kerala is rich with natural herbs and least polluted area, the best place to undergo ayurveda treatments. To know more about ayurveda kerala, visit

Why Kerala Ayurveda important for health?

AyurvedaAyurveda is the asset of Indian tradition. Today, the healing power of Ayurvedic medicine attracted lot of people around the world.  Among India, Kerala ayurveda therapies are most famous. Ayurveda is about understanding the conditions of body and applying the herbal medicines as per the requirements. The most important feature of ayurvedic medicine is that it does not create any side effects. It is because all those medicines used for ayurveda treatments are made up of natural herbs and oils. Preparations like lehyas, rasas, asavas etc. , are commonly used medicines for ayurveda.

Ayurveda therapy is not only meant for the wellness of one’s body. It also clears the mind of people through yoga or meditations. Ayurveda Kerala is well known for the methods of treatments included in it. Therapies such as Ayurveda  panchakarma is meant for entire purification of body. These type of treatments give a freshness for your mind as well.  The practices in Ayurveda have its own style and aim. One who is undergoing Ayurveda treatment should strictly follow the diet instructed by the Ayurvedic physician. These diets are called Pathyas.panchakarma

Another important feature of ayurveda is that all the medicines used for Ayurveda treatments are purely herbal and do not cause any toxins in our body. In Kerala, you can find a lot of Ayurveda centres that utilises the rich herbs and scenic beauty of Kerala. Several foreigners visit Kerala yearly for ayurveda treatments.  Ayurveda resorts in Kerala offers treatments like spa, medications, Ayurveda panchakarma etc. Ayurveda and yoga practices help to eradicate the problems of mind and body and provide a better relief. Most of the ayurveda resorts in Kerala are situated in the banks of river that provides the scenic beauty of Kerala and the greenish atmosphere makes the mind calm. The beautiful environment along with the Kerala Ayurveda treatments brings pleasure in the minds of tourists who visit these resorts.   nila

The scope of ayurveda resorts in Kerala is higher, because of the increasing trust of people towards ayurveda across the world. The ayurveda resorts in Kerala are providing various packages for the tourists or visitors who would like to undergo ayurvedic treatments and yoga. Ayurveda tour packages to kerala give the travellers an opportunity to explore various tourist destinations with the benifits of Ayurveda Kerala India. The natural way of treating diseases is gaining popularity day to day.Ayurveda is not only meant for curing diseases, but also explains all the methods how to keep the body healthy for a long time. to explore more about Ayurveda and tourism in kerala, visit